About the Blog

Welcome to Telperion Oasis, Tom Waters’s garden blog. I’m a gardening enthusiast with a particular interest in collecting and hybridizing irises. My main web site has lots of information about the theory and practice of breeding irises. The site has been up for over a year now, and I find I have lots of gardening thoughts and images I’d like to share, beyond conveying my work with the irises. So I created this blog as a place for more general garden stuff: other plants that I grow, gardening projects, seasonal images, and ramblings on various gardening-related subjects. Here I can have fun with whatever is on my mind, while keeping the main site focused on iris breeding.

I hope you enjoy your visit!

To see a photo essay about the garden and my work on it to date, look here.

About Me

I’ve loved gardening since I was a teenager. It began with growing vegetables for food. Then I discovered irises and was bit by the plant collecting bug. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become interested in gardening as a way to create welcoming outdoor spaces. I’m 50 years old now, and have a full-time job at Los Alamos National Laboratory, so I need to plan my garden so that it can be maintained with a few hours work each weekend. I’m developing an interest in the use of native and xeric plants, and the use of plants to support birds and other wildlife.

I’ve been interested in hybridizing irises for many years, but it is long-term work and I’ve not always remained in one location long enough to really get a breeding program underway. I’m hoping that it is now something I’ll be able to follow through with for years to come.

I share my life with my wonderful and talented wife Karen, a very special teenage daughter who lives in the Washington, DC, area, and two unique cats. My other interests include science fiction and fantasy, languages, and cooking.